Top 5 museums in Heraklion

Archiolocial Museum in Heraklion

The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is a completion after the visit of Knossos. Also artefacts of Phaestos, Gortyna, Acharnes, Driros and other ancient sites are stored in a fantastic exhibition!


I recommend you highly to visit this museum as it is one of the most important in Europe! The Museum itself is already worth a visit, as it is already 90 years old.


The collection of the museum brings artefacts togother from more than over 5500 years of history. Enjoy walking around and discover the treasures of the Minoan civilisation.


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Historical Museum in Heraklion

The museum was founded in 1953 and is located in the town of Heraklion. To walk from the Archiolocigal museum to the Historical Museum will take you approximately 30 minutes. The ehibition presents the Cretan History from the early Chritian times till today.


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historical museum heraklion, crete, greece, culture

Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Collection or Ecclesiatical Museum Agia Ekaterini you will find in the middle of the town. The exibithion shows christian history and is in the beautiful bassilica of Agia Ekaterini, build in the 15th centurz, next to the very famous church, Agios Minas, is the little museum.

The entrance fee is 2 Euros per person.

Byzantine museum heraklion, culture, heraklion, crete, greece

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is located about 15 minues walk next to the Historical Museum. There is a nice path along the sea, safe and easy to walk.
It shows all different kind of biodiversity of crete. There are often different kind of exhibitions. It is nice for adults as well as for children as there are many things you can try and test by yourself! 

Very interesting is the room where you can stay and feel an earthquake till strengh 8.

Historical Museum, Crete, Heraklion, Greece

Crete Aquarium

The Crete Aquarium is located in Gouves - Gournes. It is built in the end of the former American Base.

The museum is located around 15km to the east from the airport and easy to reach by car or bus. 

It is as far as i know the largest museum in the Mediteranien. It shows the huge diversity of  sea life.

The entrance fee is 9 Euros.


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