Travel around Crete

Car rental Services

The best way of getting around in Crete is to hire a car. You will soon find out that there are over 1000 of different companies on Crete, which all offer, on the paper, the same services.
Checklist for hiring a car.

  • no Creditcard required
  • Full insurance without excess (no guarantee required)
  • insurance for tires, glass and mirrors

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Suzuki Jimny, offroad, rent a car crete, car hire, SUV
Suzuki Jimny 4x4

Motorbike rentals

To hire a motorbike on Crete you need to pay attention to the terms and conditions. For Motorbike rentals you will always need a credit card and you also will have to give a guarantee between 400 to 1000 Euros.

Be aware that riding a bike on Crete is not the same as in your country. The asphalt is very slippery and the rules of driving seem to be not really european!

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Aprilia RSV Tuono

Scooter and Quad rentals

Scooters and Quads (ATVs) are nice to go around in the village but I don´t recommend them for trips over the island. Too many accidents happen and as it is hot most people do not wear the safty equipment like helmet and proper jackets. In every village or town are scooter and Quat rental Companies.

What you have to check before you sign the contract and what companies I can recommend you will find when you click on the more button!