Travel around Crete with public transportation

The public transportation on Crete is reduced to the bus. There are no subways or trains. 

If you are planning to travel around Crete with the bus you will have to organize your trip very well as the bus-system is, except on the main route between Heraklion and Chania, not very good.

I have listed for you the main Bus Stations on Crete in the 5 biggest towns. If you want to go to visit little villages in the south or mountains, you have to check the bus schedule very well not to be stuck in one place for a few days.

Easier it is to travel by car.

Heraklion Bus Stations

There are 2 different Bus Stations in Heraklion.

The central KTEL Station close to the port also known as

Bus Station A and the KTEL Bus Station Chanioporta also known as Bus Station B in the west end of Herklion Center.



Chania Bus Station

In Chania is only one Bus Station which makes the travel around Crete much easier. Located close to the center you can reach ist easely by food.

Like all Bus Stations on Crete it seems a bit chaotic there but usually everything works out fine!

Rethimnon Bus Station

The Rethimnon Bus Station is close to the center. You will find the KTEL Busses in the west end of the town. If you pass the Fortress and you continue walking out of town, either by the sea or thourgh the center, you will find the Bus Station easely.


Ierapetra Bus Station

The Bus Station in Ierapetra is small and not very busy. Close to the center in a walkable distance you will find busses to most destinations of south, south east and middle south crete. In the link below you can see a details bus schedule.

Sitia Bus Station

There is not a lot to say about this Bus Station. Easy to reach from the center or the port but nothing to do around there... get you ticket and walk back to town or bring a book to spend the time there useful.

Click on More to see find the exact departure times!

Agios Nikolaos Bus Station

The Bus Station of Agios Nikolaos is close to the hospital. If you are on food it is difficult walk to get there as you have to go a lot up the hills. In summer I recommend to take a taxi to get there.


The Bus schedule for all directions you will find in the link below.

Bus schedule from Chania Airport

In case you arrive in Chania Airport with the bus you will have some difficulties to get to the town. Please check the schedule very well as the last bus leaving to the town is at 23:45. If you miss this one, you will have to take a taxi, rent a car or sleep in the airport as there are no hotels around.


As it some of the time tables are in greek letters feel free to contact me in case you need help, and if you want to know price for a car hire let me know here