Travel around Crete by boat

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Ferry Boat to Athens



By ferry boat from Athens


You can either come to Heraklion Port with


Minoan Lines

Anek Lines


or you arrive in Souda Port (Chania) with


Anek Lines


The ports in crete are small but clear. In Heraklion Port is a small building called Passenger Station in case you need to spend some time there.


In Souda Port Chania, there are little Coffee shops outisde where you can sit down.

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Fast Ferry to Santorini



By Superfast ferries from Santorin or other small islands to Heraklion Port



Prevelis Ship

Highspeed 7











This is a map of the port in Heraklion.


In case you need more information click here to get redirected to the official page of the Port.


In case you want to see a live view of the Port in Heraklion or track a specific vessel click here!

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Port of Heraklion