Airport Heraklion

Arrival at Heraklion Airport

Coming to Heraklion Airport is beautiful. You will have a fantastic coast view which is a nice way to start your holidays.


A small bus will come to pick u up and after you manage a few stairs you arrive already at the baggage claim.

There are only 4 different luggage belts (1 - 4) and 2 Exits.


If you will get your luggage from the belt 1 or 2 you will exit the Airport from the side exit. In case you have somebody to pick u up from the airport, tour operatios uso. they will be waiting most likely at the Main Exit. That means,

as soon you collect your luggage from belt 1 or 2 you go to the exit and turn to the right. There you will find your appointment.


If you claim your baggage from belt 2 or 4 you will get out from the Main Exit and infront of the main Exit you will find your transfer services, rental cars, tour operators...


So if you know where to go it is pretty easy!  

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Airport Heraklion

Departure at Heraklion Airport

When you leve crete you should try to be at the airport at least 2 hours before your departure time. 

As the airport is very small and a lot of planes are coming and leaving you should be ready with all the check in and luggage precedure before the busses from thomson, tui uso. are coming.

There is a small park infront of the departure area where you can sit after you have finished everything, drink a beer or water and watch the madding croud!