Airport Chania

Arrival at Heraklion Airport

Arriving in Chania is spectacular. The view is fantastic and as they have renovated and expanded the airport, the arrival there is much better organized than in Heraklion.


There are only two belts for the luggage and only one Exit to the Arrival Hall of the Airport. 

Usually in this Arrival Hall directly after you enter it, you will find your tour operators, gides or Car rental Services.

If you consider a Taxi, then you have to exit the building and you will find them waiting for you outside the door also the busses start from there but pay attention as the last bus from the airport leaves at 23:45!  (Bus information)




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Airport Chania

Departure from Chania Airport

When you leve crete you should try to be at the airport at least 2 hours before your departure time. 

As the airport is very small and a lot of planes are coming and leaving you should be ready with all the check in and luggage procedure before the busses from thomson, tui uso. are coming.

There is a small park infront of the departure area where you can sit after you have finished everything, drink a beer or water and watch the madding croud!

In case you have to return a rental car, let your family with the luggage out in the departure aerea so they can queue already while you return the car and get a lift back to the airport. That safes time and hussle!