Rent a car in Crete

If you are traveling to Crete, you should definitely think about renting a car.

Crete is so big and there is so much to see and discover that it really makes sense to rent a car,and not just only for a few days,but also for the entire period of your vacation.

Many people have probably had dealings,and bad experiences with car rental companies in the past,and have been discouraged from wanting to rent again,you might have also stumbled on hidden causes and been tricked/hacked with hidden additional costs and insurances,or maybe you a great experience and everything went well and you would just like to try something new.

I've been living here for over 10 years now and have experienced a lot in relation to rental cars.

There are so many rental companies here,unlike anywhere else, and from the well-known international companies in which you could end up waiting in a long queue at the airport for your car,with not a very good service and insurance,compared to the very small local car rental companies which you cannot find on the internet.


What is important to note if you want to book a rental car:

  • check the online recommendations on facebook, google, forum uso.
  • Only insurance companies accept WITHOUT SELF PARTICIPATION 
  • No prepayment required
  • no credit card necessary
  • no deposit in cash
  • It is important to note that glass and mirrors are included.

My recommendation for a Rent a Car company in Crete is: The Best Cars


They also offer a special discount for you if you book a car from them and use the coupon: travel-around-crete


If you did not get a car at The Best Cars or you do not find the car you need due to the strong demand this year, please just let me know the following information and I can send you a non-binding offer for any kind of car you would like to rent. First of all, I have to know what type of car you need and then of course I need the information about delivery time and place and the same for the return.


What is included in all cases are:

  • 24 hours telephone service in english language
  • Fully comprehensive insurance WITHOUT excess (C.D.W. & F.D.W.)
  • Special insurance (underbody, glass, mirror)
  • personal insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • theft insurance
  • fire insurance
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • All taxes 24%
  • Replacement vehicle in case of an accident
  • Conservation costs, oil, cleaning
  • 24 hours road assistance
  • Road map, travel information

There are no hidden costs or tricks! No credit card or prepayment is necessary! No cancellation fees!

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