Markets in Heraklion

At the Heraklion markets you will find anything you need, want or never even knew it exists. Lots of fruits, vegetables, cretan producs, traditional handcrafts, art... the list is endless...


Go to the markets and save a lot of money. You will find local product with half of the price than you get offered in tourist shops!

Odos 1866 Market

This market is a daily market. There are different kind of shops for souveniers, shoes, bags, handcrafts.... uso.

When you visit the center of Heraklion, you should defenitly go there. Either to do some shopping or to sit in one of the little tavernas and enjoy some mezedes with ouzo and watch the busy people running up and down.

In most tourist places they offer you guided tours to this market... save the money and explore Heraklion by yourself. 

To get there is easy and cheep. If you come with the bus you can enjoy a nice walk trough the center. If you come with the car, you should park outside the town as the roads are narrow and not a lot of places to park.

My favorite parking if I visit the center is here.

Tuesday Market in Alikarnassos

This market is mostly for fruits and vegetables. The locals farmers sell there everything they produce fresh from their fields. There are no BIO certifications on the products but belive me, the fruits and vegetables from this market are amazing!

In case you need some honey or herbs to take home you should definitely get them from there as the prices are half from all the tourist shops!

If you continue the road it will start to become a Gipsy Market and there you can find everything for just a little money!

Saturday Market - the biggest one


This open air market is huge!

A large parking area will be transformed into a market place. Everybody and everything is here!

You can spend hours passing the little stands. The smell of the herbs, the fresh fruits and vegetables will leave lasting impressions! If you want to get olives, various kind of cheese, fresh fish for a BBQ.... 

Whatever your heart desires you will find on this market!

For me personally the best Market in Heraklion.