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If you come the first time to Crete or you are already an experianced Crete lover, here you will find for sure what you are looking for, or what you want to know about this beautiful island.
Find informations for your next holidays or book a hotel, rent a car or make some trip plans to cut the time till your arrival.


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Here you can see a drone flight over the Marina in Heraklion. Enjoy the calm sea and the nice view from above! :)


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Crete is the largest of the greek island. It is famous for its Minoan Historie and nevermind if you like to swim, to hike, to cycle, to explore or just relax, Crete can offer it all!
There are a lot of Crete-Lovers returning year by year to find more hidden places, to enjoy the cretan cuisine, which is one of the world most famous or just to travel around and live!
Crete is safe and nevermind if you are alone or in a group of people, you will never be harmed by anybody.
The "original" Crete is a very proud person and if you are interested in them or their culture you will discover a hostpitality which cannot be found anywhere else in this world.

Dive into the Cretan History and the Cretan way of life and enjoy this beautiful and unique island!


more facts about Crete

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sunset in Heraklion

Heraklion - The Capital of Crete


The perfect place for a shopping tour or just sitting around, enjoying a coffee and the busy life on the roads. Little markets with fresh fish and the smell of fresh herbs can be discovered in all the little roads of the center.

Heraklion is not a very "beautiful" town, it is very crouded and loud, but it has its own "wild" and natural charme.

Enjoy the original Cretan life in the Capital of Crete!



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Balos Beach

Balos Beach


This beach is one of the most famous beaches in Crete. The unique scenery, the chrystal clear water and the view over the Lagoon is breathtaking.

The collection of the best and most beautiful beaches in Crete you will find here!

Beaches you must visit!